“Remapping the Digital Divide” – hoje, na FCSH

No âmbito do Summer Institute em Digital Media, a Professora Sharon Strover, da University of Texas, profere hoje uma conferência com o promissor título “Remapping the Digital Divide”, no Aud. 1 da FCSH, em Lisboa.

This talk will review some of the claims regarding digital technologies, and examine aspects of digital space- and time-compressing technologies embedded in contemporary societies as they may contribute to digital divides. The idea of “digital divides” dates back roughly fifteen years, and it has been used in many different contexts and to mean several different things. We will review some of these meanings and then examine what the divide means in the contemporary context, for the U.S. and other countries. Divides between populations or regions can have important policy implications, even as they reflect on other processes of globalization and innovation and diffusion


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